Transactions – Restructuring

AMA has been working to recover value for secured and unsecured creditors in complex restructurings.

Advisor to bondholders across multiple tranches in restructuring of debt covering two sixth generation drillships

Advisor to Bondholders on the comprehensive restructuring of debt covering five jack-up drilling units operating offshore in Mexico

$740 MM

Bond Restructuring – Norshore

$150 MM

VesselCo Restructuring

$729 MM

Advisor to Secured Lenders of TMT Procurement Corp.

$860 MM

Bond Restructuring – Eitzen Chemical

$800 MM

Appointed Chairman and CRO, acting CEO for offshore accommodation specialist

$88 MM

Advised SFL on restructuring on 5 x 2,500 TEU container vessels chartered to Horizon Lines

$275 MM

Co-Advisor to the Bank Steering Committee


Bond Restructuring – Sevan Marine ASA

$710 MM

Bond Restructuring – PetroMENA ASA

$850 MM